About Me

For me photography is about capturing a moment that would be lost in time otherwise. This is why I always have a camera with me to make sure I can capture that special moment every day.

I don't care much about gear but like playing with new 'toys' and like experimenting with different cameras and lenses, not to get 'better' pictures but to get a different character.

This site started up as a platform for me to post the pictures I take every day in a simple diary format and has not changed much over the last 3 years. It will not change much in the future, too, although I added pages to make it easier to find my reviews and the relevant information.

All pictures and reviews are copyrighted so if you want to use or buy them please contact me using the details below.

To contact me if you have any questions, requests or just ideas of what you'd like to see on this blog leave a comment under my posts or send an email to cristian.sorega(at)gmail.com. I will always reply as soon as I can although at times it might take me a bit longer to do so.