Friday, 3 February 2017

Tet Road Trip - The 619km from Sam Son to Hue

Because I didn't quite do the distance I meant to do yesterday, I had a much longer drive in front of me for today.

The journey ended up being 619km in total from Sam Son to Hue via the scenic Ho Chi Minh Road.

I've been driving from Hanoi to Hue a few times so I knew some of the journey but some was new and things always change.

Despite driving mostly at 80km/h for the whole day the bike held up well and ran smooth no matter the roads or weather.

Lucky for me it was mostly dry, although the rain caught me up again around Phong Nha.

I ended up stopping for quite a few photo breaks but now many coffee breaks despite the long drive, I just enjoyed driving that I forgot about stopping.

Driving past all the small villages where people were out working in the rice fields was great and if I didn't plan on doing such a long drive in the day I would have stopped more often to take photos and just watch them working.

I did make it to Hue at 8pm so the whole journey took me 12h today. It was definitely fun but I think I'll keep my average driving to 300km a day and try not to go much further than that.

Thursday, 2 February 2017

Tet Road Trip - Hanoi to Sam Son

After taking a bit of time in the morning it was time to leave Hanoi and head back.

This time it was only me for the journey home and without using Google Maps for any further navigation purposes but strictly only for showing the map.

Getting in and out of Hanoi always takes quite a long time, despite the light traffic around Tet it wasn't any faster.

Still, the outskirts of Hanoi are pretty scenic and once you do get out there are some great roads and views to take in.

The plan was to make it all the way to Vinh but it soon became clear that I left too late for this to work so I changed my destination for the night to Sam Son.

Sam Son is much nicer than Cua Lo out of season and it's a good spot to stop for the night. I went to visit the temple and met some of the locals there for a nice chat.