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The posts here are written by other people and are what I found interesting and fitting. Please make sure you check out their websites, too.

Sam WaldronRicoh GXR A12-M and Sony NEX-5N Comparison

The Human Earth Project


  1. Thank you for your efforts and postings. I've just discovered them and really enjoy your perspectives. As one who has been photographing for many, many years, I'm now looking for an instrument that can help me re-capture the film-like feeling that I enjoyed for over 40 years. It now seems that the Ricoh GXR and perhaps the GRIV are capable of rendering B&W images that I first saw in my youth and so loved during the many years that followed photographing. I wish you all the best. Jeff

  2. Thanks for your comment and glad you find the postings helpful.

    The GXR and GRDs are certainly great for b&w and you should really look at the GRD I since it will render images very close to what I have seen from b&w film.

  3. Hi cristian, I assume, easier to reach you here than dpreview. I responded to your latest thread there with a question, in case you have an answer,

    a question
    In reply to VladimirV, 10 hours ago
    VladimirV wrote:

    I have all 4 GRDs here and still think the first is the best and only one which allows me to take the kind of pictures I want, this despite it being completely outdated in every way possible.

    cristian, because you have all the four: would you be kind enough to test (or simply confirm by words) if the 4 addresses the high iso banding issue of the 3...and overall any comments on IQ of 4 vs 3? i see that you haven't found the time to scrutinize the latest GRD in the manner that you have the previous models: i wonder if that's because you don't think the IQ of 4 adds anything? after all the 3 and 4 share the same sensor.

  4. Thanks for your comment, here is the better place since I don't always get round to check DP Review. I did post this reply there, too, so everyone else can read this.

    I am planning a review on the GRD IV (and the GXR A12-M and the Asus Transformer as a travel device and so on...) but due to a lack of time and the days being quite short at the moment I did not get round to do this in a proper manner.

    The good news is that I can't see any banding at any ISO on the GRD IV and think the image quality is overall better than the GRD III, not a lot due to the same sensor but without the banding it is more usable in low light.

    As a camera the GRD IV is the most complete GRD and offers functions I really like so I think it's the GRD to go for if you shoot colour, for b&w and unique character in colour the GRD I is still the best in my view.

    I will post more in my review about the GRD IV as soon as I have the time to do a proper review (will not be a 8 part review like the GRD III review though).

  5. Excellent Blog!


  6. Thanks for your comment Hagen, glad you like the blog!

  7. I enjoy coming to your site every few days and seeing the updates.

  8. Thanks, glad to hear you enjoy the site.

  9. Just purchased the Streetlight Pic for our Demo EP - such a cool photo! We are a small band in Northern CA and appreciate being able to purchase amazing photos like this for very reasonable prices. - Rivera Drive

  10. Thanks for your comment and for purchasing the photo!

    I am glad to know you like the photo and found the price to be good..

  11. Just got your book about the GRD III via blurb. Interesting read, thanks for the effort! (I´m very content with the GRD IV and the GR) - many regards from Germany

  12. Thanks for buying the book and your comment Richard!
    I'm glad you enjoyed the book and good to hear you're happy with the GRD IV and the GR, both excellent cameras and a good combination!