Monday, 28 February 2011

Back Tomorrow

Hi to all and thanks for your patience!

Thanks for everyone who has participated in my polls.

These are the results of what you like to see more of:

Photos - 73%
Reviews - 57%
Comparisons - 42%
Articles - 34%
News - 7%

In light of these results and to make up for the long absence I will start it off my daily posts in style with a long, long overdue review tomorrow. For today, I have decided to just post a selection of 5 pictures I like best from the past weeks.
In addition you will get more pictures, more reviews and more comparisons in the coming weeks and months.

I hope you like the new layout changes, any comments or suggestions please let me know.

Sunday, 13 February 2011

Quick Update

You might have notices some subtle changes on my blog over the past days or might notice a few things being rearranged.
Since I used up my free photo hosting on Picasa and even managed to fill up my Dropbox galleries, I went back to look at alternatives and see what best to do without having to pay too much for hosting and also looking to keep this blog ad free.

Now, I went through a few changes in my mind and also tried out a few things about which direction to go to and even considered of starting a new blog altogether.

The good news is I have made my decision and instead of creating yet another new blog, I have decided to consolidate everything onto one single blog and this will be this blog here.

For this I will need a few more days to move everything over from my Wordpress blog here and also create the necesssary pages and clean up the links. Once this is done I will have to sort my picture hosting out before re-launching this blog with all the new features. So things you can look forward to will be more reviews, more articles and I want to write more about my travels.

There will be no advertising on my blog but if you want to support my blog do buy my books (or book for now but more will come). I might also look into creating some affiliate links to help pay for my picture hosing.

Regarding the picture hosting, one question from me is if you actually look at the Dropbox galleries (since I have no stats or visibility of this) or if it would be fine without them? I will put a voting option so I can see what people want.