Sunday, 21 January 2018

10 Years!

This is how it all started 10 years ago, can't believe it's been 10 years already.

What started off as a small diary project grew quite big with reviews and articles, although it's been back to just photos recently.

My cameras have changed somewhat but I still have the original GRD I from 10 years ago and it's working fine still.

Time flies and I can't believe I kept this blog up for 10 years. I didn't think it would last more than 10 days when I started it.

Where to next is something I am not sure about but I have a few ideas and there will be some announcements here soon.

For now I want to thank all who follow this blog and especially to those who have followed it from the beginning.
This wouldn't have been possible without you. Also a big thanks to Ricoh for their support over the years.

I hope you enjoyed and still enjoy my blog and the photos.