Monday, 28 February 2011

Back Tomorrow

Hi to all and thanks for your patience!

Thanks for everyone who has participated in my polls.

These are the results of what you like to see more of:

Photos - 73%
Reviews - 57%
Comparisons - 42%
Articles - 34%
News - 7%

In light of these results and to make up for the long absence I will start it off my daily posts in style with a long, long overdue review tomorrow. For today, I have decided to just post a selection of 5 pictures I like best from the past weeks.
In addition you will get more pictures, more reviews and more comparisons in the coming weeks and months.

I hope you like the new layout changes, any comments or suggestions please let me know.


  1. Good to see you back posting, Cristi. I thought I would look at the photographs before getting stuck into the GXR review.

    I enjoyed this series of photos but I would have liked to seen the camera used and the EXIF data, as in the past.

    Look forward to more images in the coming days and weeks.

  2. Thanks for the comment Calvin!

    The next posts will all have EXIF data unless I have a series of pictures. Although now Picasa should retain the EXIF data so you should be able to see it.

    The first picture here was taken using the GF1 and Nokton f0.95 lens, the 3rd with the iPhone and Hipstamatic app and the other 3 were with the GXR A12 28mm module.

    Hope you enjoy the GXR review.