Tuesday, 28 August 2012

Texting in the Sun

GRD IV, f2.5, 1/143, ISO 80, RAW

The GRD IV certainly only ever uses f2.5 in P mode unless it's way too bright or way to dark, almost all of my pictures with it are taken at f2.5. It's a strange behaviour and while it does not affect the sharpness much or DOF due to the small sensor it strikes me as odd.

On another note, the full-press AF and AF in general don't get along well with backlit scenes and suffer from the same problem as described in my GXR A12 reviews of not focusing on anything. This is something I also need to keep an eye on more.


  1. Maybe I am missing something. But isn't it the idea of a P mode that the aperture and speed are in sync; and then you can change either, and the other will compensate automatically?

    So is it a problem that there appears to be a default, in this case f2.5? I assume the speed is adjusting itself appropriately, until you change it or the aperture.

    (In old analogue cameras it was a feature in not a few models: you grabbed both the speed and aperture rings at once with thumb and forefinger and rotated them, and the exposure of course remained the same.)

  2. Thanks for your comment!

    You are right how the P mode works, it is the same here in that you can override it.
    The 'problem' or strange thing here is that it always sets f2.5 by default where the other Ricoh cameras don't do this. While it is not really a problem I found it worth mentioning since it did surprise me.