Saturday, 1 August 2015

Da Nang Workshop

The day started with a road trip to Da Nang and a road trip is not always great fun but the drive to Da Nang is very nice once you get to Lang Co and then over the Hai Van Pass and along the beach to Da Nang.

The reason for going to Da Nang was not just to take a road trip or enjoy the city (although it is a very nice city) but also to attend a workshop organised by the main Ricoh/Pentax distributor here in Vietnam.

It was a good way to meet everyone and some of the local photographers, while my Vietnamese is very limited it was still a fun event and I managed to make some new friends and contacts.

Additionally I also got to play with the Pentax 645Z, the Pentax K3-II and also the WG-5 (although for some unexplained reason it doesn't have an interval mode o this makes it useless for what I planned to use it).

The photos on this post are taken with the GXR A12-M and GR lens (which always gets people excited whenever they see it), the Pentax 645Z, Pentax K3-II and one with my OnePlus One.

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