Monday, 30 November 2015

Hangout Coffee - Pre-opening Night

When I decided to leave London and my job there to move to Vietnam without having a job or anything lined up, people thought I was crazy. Their opinion didn't improve when my only plan was to see how tings go and maybe open a coffee shop and teach some English.

Now just over 4 months later, I'm teaching English full time and this is the night before my coffee shop is officially opening.

Sometimes it's good to just go for something and do it even if people don't agree with your idea. It might turn out to be a bad idea or it might work out but you never know without trying.

There have been problems along the way and the small coffee shop idea has become a big 3 floor coffee shop, bar and live music venue. The result of all this is Hangout Coffee in Hue, Vietnam.

Now the question is how good or bad will it be once it's open but if you never go into anything with the intention of getting rich but of enjoying the experience and learn something in the process it will be difficult to be disappointed.


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  2. Looks like your new adventure is about to really takeoff. Now I have an excuse to visit Vietnam and a place to buy a coffee!

  3. Great to hear Christian bud. Keep up the good work.

  4. You are realising something that people only dare to dream of, but never do. If people say you are crazy, it's probably the best compliment you can receive! All the best for the grand opening. The venue looks absolutely fantastic! I hope to be there soon. :-)