Friday, 22 April 2016

Life Through a Dusty Windowpane

X Play, f2.0, 1/212, ISO 50, JPG

Teaching in a primary school and seeing the kids playing, fighting and just having fun was like looking through a dusty window in the past. I can't quite explain it but it kind of shows what we lose by growing up, we lose a lot of freedom, carelessness, joy and just having fun.
In a way, kids in the West lose this even sooner now thanks to stupid laws and regulations. It's nice to remember how uncomplicated life used to be as a kid and in parts still is here in Asia where it's less stressful and less regulated than back in Europe or the US.

Today's photo and post is about remembering to stop every now and then and look back at life when it was less complicated and more fun. It's about trying to get this back even for a short time because life shouldn't be complicated or stressful.

So  just go out and enjoy your weekend, do things you did when you were a kid and forget about being and adult or old for a while.

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