Wednesday, 17 August 2016

Fire on the Hai Van Pass

I've done the journey between Da Nang and Hue over the Hai Van pass many times now. While the views are still great, it becomes a bit of a routine so I don't pay much attention to the views at times.

Having a big cloud of smoke over the pass did however get my attention, although at first I thought it's just the usual fire to burn fields or the jungle and make room for rice fields.

Seeing smoke or burning fields or forests in Vietnam or around Asia is nothing unusual and a common sight. When it's as big as this and you see fire engines rushing up the mountain you know something is going on.

There was a big fire running both up and down the mountain, burning trees, shrubs and whatever else was part of the jungle covered slopes.

The firefighters and military were busy fighting the fires but as usual around here nobody really minds what you're doing as long as you are not in their way.
This meant I could walk around and take photos without problems or anyone saying anything.

While the road was closed, this doesn't mean much if you're on a motorbike. As soon as they moved the fire engines I went on my bike and rove past everyone to continue my journey.

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