Friday, 28 October 2016

Trip to Ketep Pass

NO trip to Indonesia would be complete without seeing a volcano and given how many there are you never have to go to far to see one.

Mount Merapi is the closest volcano to Jogja and a short drive will get you either to the mountain itself where you can hike to the top or you can go to Ketep Pass, where you get a great view of Mont Merapi.

Since I didn't fancy hiking, I decided to drive to the Ketep Pass instead. The views along the way were great but unfortunately rain spoiled a bit the view once I got to the pass.

Lucky the rain stopped and the clouds cleared a bit to give me still a nice and atmospheric view of the surrounding landscape.

I can definitely recommend a drive to Ketep Pass, especially on a nice day you'll get some amazing views from there and the drive itself is not too bad either.

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