Thursday, 26 January 2017

Tet Road Trip - Phong Nha to Cua Lo

Another grey start to the day but at least it wasn't raining (yet).

We planned a longer journey today, a loop around Phong Nha and the botanical garden area, then back to the HCM road and  all the way to Vinh or Cua Lo.

As soon as we go to the botanical garden it started raining but it didn't last too long and stopped when we finished the loop.

The loop around the botanical gardens, to the paradise cave is great in terms of scenery and driving and definitely worth doing.

There were a lot of tourists on rented or bought bikes on this roads so it's definitely more touristy than the rest of the HCM road going north.

I've been on these roads a few times but it was always in the opposite direction on my way back to Hue. There were quite a few changes, including more petrol stations (a welcome change).

We actually made good progress at first and were almost at our destination when Google Maps decided to take us on a roundabout excursion through small villages, even smaller roads and on to roads under construction for the final few km to Cua Lo.

This meant we arrived after dark in Cua Lo and while we expected the city to be quiet, we didn't anticipate it would be that quiet without anything to do, with most hotels closed, not many restaurants or even coffee shops open.

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