Sunday, 21 January 2018

10 Years!

This is how it all started 10 years ago, can't believe it's been 10 years already.

What started off as a small diary project grew quite big with reviews and articles, although it's been back to just photos recently.

My cameras have changed somewhat but I still have the original GRD I from 10 years ago and it's working fine still.

Time flies and I can't believe I kept this blog up for 10 years. I didn't think it would last more than 10 days when I started it.

Where to next is something I am not sure about but I have a few ideas and there will be some announcements here soon.

For now I want to thank all who follow this blog and especially to those who have followed it from the beginning.
This wouldn't have been possible without you. Also a big thanks to Ricoh for their support over the years.

I hope you enjoyed and still enjoy my blog and the photos.


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  2. Congratulations on your 10-year anniversary! Look forward to hearing about your plans for the next decade ;-)

    1. Thanks for your comment and for continuing to follow my blog Sam! :)

  3. Hi Cristian,

    I am not sure when I started following your blog, but it was definitely not long after you started, I had, and still have an Olympus camera system, but I always have a small handy go anywhere camera as well. In those days I had a GX100, and an excellent camera it was. I followed you in and out of Blackheath, and later round the world. You a fine detailed plan on a spreadsheet, but it went astray when you got to the Far East!

    I certainly never imagined that you would end up settling for so long in Vietnam, but I am pleased you are happy there.

    We have both slipped away from Ricoh, my pocket camera now is a Sony RX100iii, compared to the GX100 the UI is poor, but you get used to it and the IQ is outstandingly better.

    I keep thinking I should get a GR for my "little" camera, and when this one breaks maybe I will. Meantime I regularly practice using a 28mm prime lens, as I have A Fuji X-Pro1 and a 28mm EFL f2 prime lens.

    I still do not have a smart phone, so I can't comment on your little camera of choice that S7.

    I have enjoyed your blog and will continue to do so.

    Thanks and all the best for the next 10 years. .


    1. Thanks for your comment and for still following the blog Peter!

      Living in Vietnam is certainly different and has also changed my photography a bit, I use my phones a lot more since I usually go out without a jacket.

      I still have the Ricoh GR, GRD I and GXR with M Mount adapter next to my Epson RD-1 here but the most use I get from my phones and the Olympus TG-4.

      The GR is still he best camera and I do have to get mine fixed although I hope for a GR 3 sometimes soon from Ricoh.

      After a break I'll post some announcements in the next days about the blog.

  4. Hi Christian, I hope you are still continuing your pursuits :).