Wednesday, 29 May 2019

A New Road

When one road ends, look for another one to continue going forward.

After a bit of (maybe more than a bit) deliberation, I decided to start a new blog on WordPress and see where it leads.

If you're still following this blog, I hope you'll continue following me on the new blog here: Cristian Sorega Photography

While there's not much content on there right now, more articles and photos will come in the next days and weeks.

My new blog is taking some time to get in full swing thanks to a new venture with motorbikes and travel and also some photography. My new business Just Bikes, took a bit of my time recently. You can have a look at it here.


  1. Okay put it in my list of photography blogs.

  2. Beautiful pictures you have got captured . i am impressed when seeing this post . Keep continue guy .