Tuesday, 10 August 2010

No Updates?

I know, there have not been any updates in a while but I needed a break and was not very inspired or motivated to post recently. 
This does not mean that I did not take pictures, so I decided to post a series of some of my favorite pictures I took over the last weeks.

From tomorrow everything will be back to normal and move back here. I simply can't stand the advertising and 'Related Posts' on Wordpress. The limit of only one picture is ok on most days but not always practical so this theme gives me more freedom.


  1. I honestly do not know what your problem with Wordpress is. When I look at your other site I neither see advertising nor 'Related Posts'.

  2. welcome back Christian :-) ... great series ... first shot is amazinly nice

  3. I am glad you have moved back to ths blog. I have no idea how they differ from your point of view posting the images, but for me, on the receiving end, this is much better.

    Well done!


  4. Thanks for your comments!

    Glad you like this blog and continue to follow it despite me moving it around a bit recently.

    Yesbuts, if you log out of your Wordpress account and go to my or your blog you will see th advertising and related posts appear and they are very annoying. If you are logged in to Wordpress all of this does not matter but for me it it important that nobody gets the adverts and not only people who have an account with Wordpress.