Tuesday, 14 September 2010

Another Morris

iPhone 4, f2.4, ISO 80, JPG

Another picture in my series of Morris cars, I will keep this series up and only use the iPhone for this so you might see some more pictures whenever I see more of them arround.


  1. My uncle and aunt used to have one when they were young. Their Morris functioned as sort of a 'school bus'. Once when my anut let me have a spin, the car ended up with eight or nine children in it after leaving the school where my youngest uncle studied.

  2. Nevin, I really like the Morris cars and think they are quite cool so this is why i wnat to do a series on them.
    You do seem to have fond memories of them so I hope you like the pictures.

  3. Quite nice framing at atmosphere - even if its done with a mobile phone :-)

  4. Thanks for your comment!
    I like how it came out with a bit of processing in PS Express. The camera on the iPhone 4 is actually pretty decent and if kept at lowest ISO it's not far off the Ricoh CX cameras.