Thursday, 23 September 2010

Waiting to Take Off

GXR A12, f6.3, 1/1000, ISO 200, JPG, 50mm

Took this while waiting for the plane to take off to go to Germany to attend Photokina tomorrow.
Can't wait to try out he new Fuji X100, the new 28mm A12 module for the GXR and also the new 14mm f2.5 lens for my GF1 and hopefully quite a bit more.


  1. I'm curious to think of what you think of all the new gear out there Cris.

    Photography seems to be going through a bit of a mirrorless revolution just now.

    I haven't chosen my 'larger-sensor' platform yet (just owning the GX100). I'm favor the GXR: I've had a good experience with Ricoh and I'm not interested in legacy lenses (so an 'open' mount is not an issue). That said, a GF1 is probably a hell of a lot easier to use!


  2. I hope you can find the time to share your impressions of what you see at Photokina, particularly the Fuji X100 and GXR 28mm module.

    Your opinion is always highly valued, Cristian.

  3. X100 - who in his/her right mind would pay the price quoted for a fixed focal length camera? Looking at the competition, its a none starter.And i say this as a Fuji owner.

  4. yesbuts, I think the suggested X100 price (1000USD/EUR) is not that high considering the large sensor, premium (fast) prime lens and exceptional OVF/EVF. I'm sure, it will find many buyers. BTW, why would anyone sane buy GRD with its tiny sensor? ;) The initial price of GRDIII+EVF was around 900USD! For that price, you got small sensor camera and "dumb" OVF. If the size is not problem, X100 with APSC and smart OVF is no brainer. And I say this as a long time Ricoh fan and GRD lover!

  5. My impressions are up and I can say that I really like the Fuji X100 but amd also now more excited about the GXR thanks to the new module.

    Mark, the Gf1 is more versatile and more flexible at the moment thanks to the lens mount and 4 companies supplying lenses for it. The GXR offers better quality though so it's not easy.

    Calvin, both the Fuji X100 and also the new 28mm GXR module did impress me and I would have a hard time deciding between both. The fuji wins for controls and looks and I lke the EVF. The GXR has now my favorite focal length with the 28mm and the AF is improved plus it offers the benfit of interchangeable modules and soon lenses.

    Yesbuts, I disagree here with you. Since the GRD I was released peopel have started more and more to accept prime lenses in digital compact cameras. I think using a pime lens makes anyone a better photographer and is more inspiring than a zoom.

    Pavel, I agree with you and you have summed it up nicely. The quoted price is fair seeing the build quality, hpefully lens quality and the new innovative OVF.