Tuesday, 16 November 2010

Frosty Morning

GRD III, f4.5, 1/710, ISO 64, RAW


  1. hi, may i know do you use GRDIII my settings for your photo shooting? hope you can share your setting with me.
    not sure do you use any software like photoshop for touch up?

  2. Hi, since I am not a big fan of the Ricoh JPGs anymore I always ignore the settings but have it mostly set now to the Standard image settings and use the Multi-patern WB.
    I always develop the RAW files if I have time using RAW Therapee and leave most settings prety much on default but generally raise the contrast a bit and receover some highlights if needed or adjust the EV compensation to get the desired result. I use Photoshop but this is mostly to edit the file from RAW Therapee and convert to b&w, add noise or add vignetting to it.