Saturday, 6 November 2010

Blackheath Fireworks 2010

The fireworks in Blackheath are some of the best in London and take place every year beginning of November for Guy Fawkes Night. Having lived for the past 6 years in London and always around Blackheath it is surprising that I have only managed to see them twice including today. For one reason or another I have always been out of London or even the country.

Although I went to see the fireworks not having a tripod with me meant that I ended up having more fun taking pictures of the proceedings around the fireworks than taking many pictures of the actual fireworks, although I took a few video clips of them.

On another note, thanks to BT's incompetece I still don't have a phone line and broadband at home so my updates will be sporadic and in bulk whenever I get round to do this so please feel free to go back and look at my older posts even if they don't all fit on the first page.


  1. My favourite is the bikers real sense of drama absolutely love it.

  2. Thanks for your comment Martin!

    The biker shot is also one of my favorites and I really wanted to include it here, the light and atmosphere was great for taking pictures with the mist but also the smoke from the fireworks.