Sunday, 17 April 2011

London Marathon 2011

Today's series is presented slightly different and my attempt to find a better way to display a series of pictures. Initially I wanted to cut the series down to 10 or 5 pictures but I find that this always takes up too much space on the front page of my blog so I decided to try the flickr slideshow viewer and see how it works.
So let me know what you think of this.

This year for the London Marathon I decided to leave the trusty LC1 at home and take with me the GF1 with the 20mm pancake for it's fast AF and my 50mm Canon FD lens for the longer reach and easier MF operation. After starting to use the pancake lens with AF, I quickly gave up and switched to the Canon MF lens since it was a lot faster to use and it delivered better image quality with more character. I tried the pancake lens later on and even tried to use it in MF-mode but without a distace scale it was pretty useless. In the end I did not really like most of the pictures from it so ended up deleting most of the pictures while keeping almost all from the 50mm FD lens.

After today's experience I am more tempted than ever to sell this lens as well as the Olympus m4/3 kit-lens I have since they don't have any character and I just don't like the pictures from either. I will have to do a proper comparison to see the difference clearer.


  1. Hi Cristian. So that's what I missed on Sunday. The slide show format works well, especially for an event which is a sequence anyway. I like your photos a lot; they feel very natural, almost like I'm a spectator myself.

    Our opinions differ when it comes to the 20/1.7 pancake lens. That's still my most used lens. Vastly more so than my Voigtländer 25/0.95. I even like my new 14/2.5 pancake quite a lot - despite software distortion correction. The 14/2.5 focuses silently and very quickly; never a missed shot. Whatever helps us to get the photos we're after, I guess.

  2. Hi Björn, thanks for your comment!
    I did not know you are in London now but the marathon is always good fun to take pictures of.

    Glad you like the slideshow format, it works well but does require Flash so will not display for people who have Flash disabled or an Apple device.

    We agree on a lot of things but I guess we will differ when it comes to the software corrected lenses. I think this is personal, they are technically excellent but for me just lack any character so I rather use lenses with character and put up with bigger size and MF only.