Friday, 1 July 2011

Ricoh acquires Pentax

The biggest news for today, at least in the Photography world, was certainly the acquisition of Pentax by Ricoh. Many have talked and suspected this for quite a few years now but it still managed to take everyone by surprise.

Most were pleasantly surprised and think this is a very good move by Ricoh that will benefit both companies. I am also in that camp and see both companies as the most photographer focused companies and with the combined expertise and R&D only good things can come out of this for consumers.
For me this news is actually on another level quite interesting, is it the Pentax Optio S40 who got my interest in photography started before I moved to the Ricoh GRD I which took my interest to another level and got me to start this blog in the first place. So without the Pentax Optio S40 and the Ricoh GRD I, you would not be reading this post here. Now with Ricoh acquiring Pentax things might come full circle in case Ricoh uses the Pentax name for their cameras.

So to go full circle in a way, I decided to post below 5 of my best pictures taken with the Pentax Optio S40. Things have changed quite a lot since then but it's fun to see these 'old' pictures.

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