Sunday, 11 September 2011

Thames Festival 2011

I borrowed a friend's Fuji X100 for the day and headed to the Thames festival. It started off as a hot and sunny day with a few clouds before it changed completely and the rain started to come down. This was a good reason to take a break over a pint but was not very good for photography.

This is a small series of some of my favourite pictures from the day, all converted from RAW. Not much has changed from my initial impressions of the Fuji X100, it's a great camera marred by a beta firmware.


  1. Fuji x100 does look really nice (in a desirability kind of way). I played with one in a shop and it feels like good quality in the hand. I wasn't sure about the layout though, but I'm sure it can be gotten used to.

  2. Bill, the X100 is certainly a great looking camera but in it's current state more frustrating in use than it needs and should to be.