Friday, 9 December 2011

The Long Table

The Long Table and a long series from there. The Long Table is a food night market in Hackney and a good place to try some street food and some more exotic drinks. It is also a good place for photography but you will need a fast lens and even then might struggle at times.

I had the GXR with the 35mm f1.2 Nokton lens but despite this it was not always easy to get the shot. This is a series of the pictures I like best. For more pictures you can have a look at my Flickr set here.


  1. Great series. You have captured the mood well. I am getting so tempted to get the 35mm F1.2! How do you find the size and weight of it?



  2. But very good available light shooting. I like it very much and shall try this kind of photography also. The use of a flash kills the atmosphere completely. Well done.

  3. I struggle with my GXR/M and Nokton 35/1.4 in the really dim. Neither the EV nor LCD seem to display enough to work by. Less even than my GRD 3. A little technique post would be really nice. Pics look great.

  4. Charlotte Oldneighbour12 December, 2011 00:27

    These are great images, I particularly like the first one of the girl cooking, great colours.

  5. Thanks for your comments!

    James, the Nokton f1.2 is big and heavy so unless you want a no compromise low-light lens the f1.4 at half the size, weight and price is probably the better option.

    Thanks for your comment S.C., like you I don't like to use the flash since it kills the atmosphere.

    Greg, I will post some more details on this but I only use Mode 2 for focusing and it works even in low light very well although at times you might vahe to raise the EV in order to gain enough for focusing and then lower it for the actual picture taking. Mode 2 is the best way to focus since it works even in almost complete darkness where other methods would simply not work at all.

    Thanks Charlotte, hope you are doing well and are enjoying Japan.

  6. Oh wow, I was at the same event with a Lumix GF1 and 20mm F1.7 and it was really tricky. It made me want to get the Leica 25mm F1.4 as soon as possible. But I had no idea an M mount had come out for the GXR system. Great shots of the event.

  7. Lovely set of images. I particularly like the way you use the narrow DoF... what I mean is having blurred parts behind AND in front of the main subject. This adds for a dynamic depth. Lovely colours and a very warm and 'tasty' feel to the whole batch.

    I think I will pay a visit to this place some time.

  8. Thanks for your comment Pie!

    I think I saw you taking pictures in the evening or at least someone with a GF1, remembered the slow screen refresh in low light due to the gain.
    If you want a good low light lens for the GF1 nothing will beat the Nokton f0.95 25mm, the extra speed over the Panasonic f1.4 will be noticeable and the manual focus in low light will be both easier and faster with it. You can see some pictures I took with it here:

    The GXR with the M module and a Nokton lens on the other hand will make things again a lot easier for you and deliver less noise and easy focus.

    Thanks for your comment Bill!

    I try to make the compositions as dynamic as possible and the large sensor with fast lens provides only a very shallow DOF so it's possible to do this.