Sunday, 5 February 2012

Royal Greenwich

The snow came overnight and after all the fuss at airports and the weather warnings around the country it was disappointing to see only 2-3 cm of snow which had mostly melted away by the afternoon. The British always like to make a big fuss about any weather changes and Heathrow showed again why it rightly is the world's worst airport and run by incompetent fools. Good thing I did not need to travel in this 'severe' weather ;).

Despite the snow, Greenwich held it's celebrations for becoming a Royal borough. I had hoped for more things and events but there was only a parade, some music and fireworks. It was ok but not too spectacular.

I went out and took my GXR A12-M and the Voigtlander Nokton f1.2 35mm lens with me to capture some scenes. I initially planned to have only pictures in square format but some did not work well in square so it ended up being a mix.


  1. Not surprised as weather speak is the most favourite national pasttime of the Brits. At least the Heathrow is still operating this time.

    Like the fireworks shot best. The mood works very well.

  2. Cris. How`s the camera doing in cold weather. Try it in really low temperatures. It`s a know fact that metal shutter blades when taken in the warmth develope like surface of glass condense that can freeze when taken out in the freeze again.

  3. There is a lot of gear-discussion going on. I know the best argument now: You and the GXR M-module, that's the perfect combo. I always like what you produce.

  4. Nice set. The irony of Henry headed for "The Queen's House" is entirely delicious, the people at the window behind the carriage shot are a very nice touch, and, of course, everybody is a sucker for a great fireworks shot and this is one of the best I've seen, not too often you can get the crowd involved in such a scene.

    I've not seen any trouble with my GXR M and cold weather, but then it's been a pretty mild winter here in central Pa.

  5. Thanks for all your comments!

    I also like the fireworks shot best but wished I would have taken a slightly wider lens with me to get more in.

    The camera is handling cold weather very well as the other A12 modules before, taking it inside from the cold it has condensation all over but it did not have any problems so far. I will get the chance to use it in colder temperatures towards the end of the week by the looks but I can't see it having any problems.

  6. Lovely bunch of shots. I like the fireworks shot... a great wall of minty green smoke and light! The last shot is actually my favourite though; it has a nice quiet feel to it.

  7. Thanks for your comment Bill!

    I also like the last shot a lot but it looks like the fireworks shot is the preferred one.