Wednesday, 27 March 2013

Views from the Train

Scotland no doubt has some of the most amazing landscapes and views you will find and to enjoy all of this you can just take a nice relaxing train journey to almost anywhere and you will be rewarded with fantastic views from the train.

Probably one of the most spectacular journeys for me has been the journey from Glasgow Queen Street to Mallaig via Fort William and back. You would have seen some pictures of this journey already on my last post but I thought I will post another series of pictures from the train journey since I kind of miss Scotland already after getting back to London.

If you get the chance to do this train journey I can only recommend it no matter what the weather is, the views will always be spectacular.

All pictures have been taken with the GR lens since it was easier to press it against the train window to minimize reflections.


  1. Thanks for your comment!

    With such an amazing landscape all around it's easy to take great pictures. :)

  2. Those are impressive views - looks like you are miles away from any sort of civilisation!

  3. Thanks for your comment Adrian!

    For some parts of the journey you are indeed miles away from civilisation, especially while crossing Rannoch Moor.

  4. Really nice landscape images here