Sunday, 10 March 2013


GRD IV, f1.9, 1/125, ISO 703, RAW

Nothing really beats the GRD form factor when it comes to portability and handling, shame none of the later GRDs have managed to get close to the image character and quality of the GRD I.
This year will see the new GRD V being released and looking at the competition Ricoh really needs to do something special to even stand a chance against the other serious compact cameras. In my view it either has to go all the way like Sony and put a FF sensor in there, APS has been done already with the GXR A12 28mm module and Nikon has beat them to a smaller form factor, or even better would be to make a fully b&w GRD V with a large sensor.
Ricoh have started the whole serious compact fixed lens compact market but are now trailing way behind so it's time they get back to the front and show others how innovative they can be.


  1. But it didn't keep you from making a nice picture with it. I also think that there is not something wrong with the image character in my eyes. But who am I.

  2. Thanks for your comment!

    The GRD IV is still very capable and gives nice results, it just lacks that special something in my view compared to the GRD I.

  3. Wonderful composition this is definitely my kind of shot and I agree entirely with your post.

  4. Thanks for your comment!

    I wonder what Ricoh will do with the GRD V, hope to find out soon and more I hope they will surprise everyone.

  5. yeah, a FF GRD5 with the usual form factor and a GPS and I buy 3 of them.
    Was fairly tempted by the Sony RX1, I just wish it was a bit smaller and with better batteries (I understood they are pretty bad)

  6. The RX1 is a great camera and I hope Ricoh releases a GRD in the same style.
    The battery life is not great on the RX1 but with some spare batteries you should be good for a whole day, the GXR also goes quite fast through batteries.

  7. Well, but the 500 pics of the GRD3 on 1 battery is exactly what I need.
    I mean the RX1 is a premium fairly expensive battery. I could consider buying it, but it shall be more or less flawless for the price.
    (I would also wait a cristian Sorega to review it before I decide for it (like I did for the GR3 :-) )

  8. The GRD III manages the batteries much better, for the GXR it's not as good despite the bigger battery, I only get around 200 shots from the GXR battery.

    Thanks, if I get a chance, I will gladly review the RX1. :)