Monday, 8 July 2013

A Day in Black and White

Another great and sunny day in London. Not very good light for photography though so I decided to shoot in b&w.

This is a series of some b&w street photography.


  1. Also great but for another book. Like the Brighton pictures a little bit more. Perhaps it is a little more funny and positive. Difficult to say.

  2. Thanks for your comment!

    I plan on doing more books but will need to find the best way to showcase and sell them.

  3. Hi Cristian,

    Nice set. The 3rd is really funny with the guy adjusting his glasses as if he was imagining things! :)

    I think the last one would be more striking if you made the shadows darker. I still like it though.

  4. #3 with the Love Bandit and the gawping guy is brilliant. Great capture, Cristi.

  5. Thanks for your comments!

    The 3rd is also one of my favourites, I got lucky to capture this moment as it was while crossing the street.

  6. The third one is possibly my favorite picture. I love the expression on the girl and the guy tilting his glasses.