Sunday, 28 July 2013

Silverstone Classic 2013

The Silverstone Classic always makes for a nice day out and this year was no exception, the weather held up nicely despite it raining the night before and rain being forecast.

I took the GXR A12-M with Heliar 15mm, Jupiter-11 135mm and the Leica Elmar 90mm lens with me although I used mostly the two longer lenses as you can see in the series here.


  1. The photo of the 3 Porsches were the first to draw my attention. I like the composition and colours.
    I also like the last one with the Minis. If you had a longer lens, I guess you could try to crop closer and include the near car and just the 3 others.

  2. Photos thru wire red(20) above are a fail and more cropping needed to get the best image of the car (26). Event was certainly a great three days out with lots of photos ops.

  3. Thanks for your comments!

    Kesh, the one with the 3 Porsches is also my favourite from the day.
    I guess for these events using rangefinder lenses is not ideal but this was the longest lens I had and I like to include more from the scenery.

    Fred, thanks for the feedback.
    I was a bit annoyed with the wire but think it gives kind of the perspective most people have when watching this.
    You and Kesh both agree on the crop for this photo but I try not to crop if possible.