Tuesday, 2 September 2014

Day 374 - People Make Glasgow

After having a nice breakfast in Edinburgh, I took the train to Glasgow to spend another two days there.

Glasgow was the first city I've seen in the UK so it has a special place for me and despite it being a bit rough around the edges it's a cool place.

When I arrived in Glasgow and started walking I noticed some banners saying 'People Make Glasgow' so I had my theme for the day set.

It's not that Glasgow doesn't have some nice and historic buildings but compared with Edinburgh it's a lot more grey and without some of the nicer architecture.

What it does offer is a lot of character and some interesting people around.

It was nice to be back in Glasgow and walk along some of the places I've been to before and see what has changed and what stayed the same.

Glasgow is a cool place and well worth seeing, while Edinburgh is nicer on the outside, Glasgow has it's own character. It is also a bit more arty than Edinburgh ad there is still enough to see.

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