Thursday, 4 September 2014

Day 376 - The End of the Road

When the bus arrived in London it was a very strange feeling, I didn't know if I should be happy to be back and to have finished the trip or sad because it had to come to an end and there were more places I could have visited or spend more time in certain places.

But this was quite short lived and right after getting off the bus it kind of felt more like any other place I visited and I got into my usual routine to find a decent coffee shop and grab a coffee before doing anything else.

After being away from London for the year, it felt different. It didn't really feel like I arrived back home but just at another stop on my journey.

Maybe this is the reason why I took me so long to finish posting on my blog, because in a way I knew that as soon as I post this it will mean my journey will be officially over (for now).

Thanks for following my blog and I hope you enjoyed the photos and reports from my travels!

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  1. I can well imagine your feelings, Cristi, after such a marvellous adventure. I have felt, through your photographs, as if I was right there alongside you. Thanks for taking the time share your adventure with those of us who are not so adventurous. I think you will likely be off on your travels again in a short time.

  2. Welcome back, safe and sound! In a way, philosophically speaking, aren't we all travelers on the planet? Sometimes on can feel very detached from the world around us. Great that you've completed a very important leg of life trip of yours.
    *(Maybe my sounding philosophical is because of the crackdown broken out here in Hong Kong against peaceful protesters. You remember the slightly meaty man from Laikok? He was among the protesters. Sorry for digressing. You can type #OccupyCentral in Twitter if you are in the mood to know more)

  3. Welcome back! It was a great journey with you. Thank you for your pictures.

  4. It was a pleasure to be allowed to trace your steps via your photographs and even sometimes got recalled places one also visited. Good luck with your next projects.


  5. Thank you for every post you made! Welcome back. Your vision on the world had been very refreshing.

  6. Thanks for your comments and for following my travels!

    Calvin, I hope I can be off on more travels soon after putting some more money in my account. :)

    Nevin, I have been following the news about the protests in HK closely and hope there will be a solution everyone can live with soon. I like hat people in HK are more civilized than in Europe and manage to demonstrate without resorting to looting and other acts of vandalism which taint most protests in the UK.

  7. Hi Cristian,
    Seems like ages ago when your epic journey brought you through KL.
    Home, in a traditional sense, is a feeling that becomes more tenuous the more you travel and live abroad. If you want to feel at home, you need to stay at home :-)

  8. Hey Cris,

    Welcome home. I can sympathise with the slight feeling of emptiness on your "return". At least you don't have to face the office the next day! Also, this is just the end of one journey within the journey of life. There will be plenty of adventures ahead.
    See you when you properly get back to London (albeit temporarily)!

  9. Thanks for your comment Bjorn!

    It does seem like a very long time since we met up in KL but I am glad to see that you've settled in very well and are enjoying it there.
    You're right that once you start travelling and living abroad it changes how you view 'home' and where it is.

    Thanks for your comment Kesh!

    You're right that this is just the end of one of (hopefully) many more adventures and journeys ahead.

    It was good to see you at Photokina and I'm back in London now so will try to arrange for meeting up in the coming days.