Saturday, 1 November 2014

Classic Cars on Regent Street

It was another nice and sunny day so it made sense to go out and take some photos. I met with Kesh and we went to check out the car show on Regent Street.

I did take quite a few photos of people and of the cars there and around Regent Street but decided to focus on a small series for today's post.

Since the old classic cars were way more interesting than the Mustangs or Porsche 911 on display, I focused more on the people and classic cars there. It was cool that people were also dressed for the part so it made it a lot more interesting.

It was a nice event and cool to see all the cars despite us getting there a bit late in the day just before they were finishing up.


  1. The color harmony in the first shot is splendid. One could easily think that the shot had been set up by an art director and several assistants. Excellent shot.

  2. Thanks for your comment Calvin!

    The original image was a bit underexposed but RAW Therapee did a good job with it and then I just applied the Faded filter over the JPG and got this result out of it. It could have been better to use the RAW file but I was too lazy so just processed the JPG instead.