Monday, 3 November 2014


GRD I, f3.2, 1/400, ISO 400, JPG b&w

It started with a rainy morning and it lasted into the afternoon but then the rain stopped and the sun came out again so a great opportunity for a walk around the neighborhood.

I decided to take the GRD I along and even set it to RAW mode to play around with some color photos but in the end I just prefer the black and white images it produces over what I can get out of it's RAW files.

After asking the question if people want to see the EXIF information and putting up a voting for it, it does look like most who voted prefer to see the EXIF information. So from this post on there will be EXIF information under a photo but as before not when there is a series of photos.


  1. After all your enthusiastic showing of GRD photo's I bought myself one ( also an old 1) to try. I must admit . Its one of the most pocketable and easiest in use on the street. Only aim and shoot. Very nice.

  2. Thanks for your comment!

    Glad to hear you got a GRD I and are happy with it. It's certainly a unique camera and I'm looking forward to see your photos with it.