Monday, 29 December 2014

Crystal Palace Walk

It's been a cold but sunny day today. Great for a walk and some photography. For this, I decided to take the Epson RD-1 along. It's a great camera but usually too big, bulky and unreliable to take along more often.

Since the weather was good and it didn't feel too cold, I decided to walk to Crystal Palace, it's only just over an hour walk and taking the Green Chain walk you go through a few parks so this is very nice.

Crystal Palace is actually a lot nicer than I thought with good views over London from the hill it's on and some nice restaurants, funky shops and decent pubs.

I've never been to Crystal Palace Park before so figured it will be interesting to see it. The park is a bit strange with different things in there, from old ruins, a radio tower, a council estate tower, stadium and even some dinosaurs you do get a bit of everything in the shield shaped park.

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