Sunday, 12 April 2015

Seaford & The Seven Sisters

I haven't really been out of London in the past months so when I saw the nice weather today, I decided to got for a day trip somewhere.

Getting out of London and somewhere that feels like you're out of London always takes time so the quickest and easiest for me to get to was Brighton. Since I've been to Brighton and it's not hat exciting anymore, I looked for anything else around there.

In the end my decision fell on Seaford and a hike along the cliffs to the Seven Sisters.

While the weather was nice and sunny and quite warm in the sun, the strong and slightly chilly wind by the coast meant I was glad to have my jacket with me.

Seaford itself is not very exciting and from Brighton you have to take one of the crappy and quite dirty Southern trains. Still, once you're at the seafront and go hiking along the cliffs it's worth it and makes for a very nice day out with some nice views.

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