Sunday, 5 April 2015


OnePlus One, f2.0, 1/1783, ISO 100, RAW
You might have wondered why there were no posts for the past week. After not feeling very inspired, I needed a break from photography so during the past week I have hardly taken any photos.
I did miss the daily posting though so I think this is not something I want to give up fully but I am thinking to maybe only post when there is something to post. I am not quite decided on that yet so will see how it goes over the next week.

Thanks to the low Euro and me being fed up with the crappy battery life of my Nexus 5, I decided to get another phone. Since I would never again want to spend more for a phone than for a computer, I decided to go for the OnePlus One phone.

The phone is great for the price and the built in camera app might be crappy (so I replaced it with the Google one) but it does offer RAW capture. Curious as I am and having nothing better to do on a sunny Sunday afternoon, I took my phone with me and headed to the park.

I took some comparison photos with the different camera apps and looked at he RAW files and have to say, the JPGs are pretty rubbish with sharpening artefacts and weird contrast levels but the RAW flesh are actually pretty decent. 

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