Sunday, 6 September 2015

400km to Hue

After getting up early and enjoying a local breakfast and coffee it was time to hit the road for the 400km to Hue.

I usually try to limit the daily drive in Vietnam to 100km to have time to do it comfortably and taking the scenic road. Doing 400km in one day sounded like a lot but I knew it wasn't too difficult to do with an earlier start and shorter breaks in between.

Despite having a long distance to go, I chose to go via the best route and take the Ho Chi Minh Road south. It's really the best way to travel in Vietnam.

While I didn't want to miss out on taking photos but didn't want to stop for this, I just took photos while driving.

The journey is great and very scenic but you need to watch your petrol since you can easily run very low and not have any town or petrol station around.

After a long drive, I made it back to Hue a bit earlier than even expected and without being too tired but in need of a cold beer.

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