Monday, 2 May 2016

Hue Festival 2016 - Day 4

Another day at the Hue Festival, I started by a quick walk over the Sake Festival. Since it was early there were not many people around, the music was very loud however.

In the evening a friend called with an opportunity to go and visit the Citadel so I did just head over there to make the most out of the time before closing.

The lights and lanterns in the citadel were great and it's something that they should consider doing once a week or month to have it open late and allow people to enjoy the Citadel by night.

I haven't been to the Citadel for a long time but they did restore quite a bit and it surely looked nice at night. I have to get back there during the day and take some more photos.

The different stages with various performances were very nice, dotted about but each was different and offered something new. Some performances were traditional, some modern and some traditional with modern influences so it was entertaining.

It's definitely worth visiting the Citadel in the evening during the Festival and I can only hope they will make the evening opening hours a more regular occurrence.

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