Saturday, 28 May 2016

Rainy Day & Floods

Some clouds moved in in the early afternoon and some thunder was heard before it started pouring down.

I do like heavy rain and stormy weather as it's more exciting than the usual light rain and I like the sounds of the pouring rain on the roof.

Well, I figured I go out to look at the rain and maybe take some photos of people wearing raincoats on motorbikes.

Imagine my surprise when I saw waterfalls running down the staircase of my coffee shop and the road in front of it flooded.

In a way it reminded me of the very first time in Hue in 2011. It wasn't as bad this time round though but still a lot of rain and flooded streets.

After managing to stop the water and clean up the coffee shop the rain also stopped and the water started to retreat.

What impressed me the first time about Hue and people in Vietnam and still holds true is how quickly everything goes back to normal. What would be a big deal in Europe, is here literally just brushed off (or 'broomed' off? ;) ) and people go about their usual business as if nothing happened.

A completely flooded street (or streets) causes no big problem here and things keep on moving but a little bit of rain (or sun, or snow, or wind, or some leaves, or smoke, or ...) manage to bring the whole rail network in London to a halt.

The positive aspect of the flooding is that now most of the dust has been taken care of.

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