Tuesday, 5 September 2017

Back to Da Nang

The morning showed the great landscape around the muddy road we've been through last night. Still, it was time to head back to Da Nang.

One of the best roads in Laos, both for driving but also in terms of scenery, is the road between Salavan and the La Lay border.

The road has some very steep climbs but you are always rewarded at the top with some great views.

It's a winding road, going through small villages and some slightly bigger towns but there's not much traffic so it makes for a relaxed and very enjoyable drive.

Once back in Vietnam, you are only 40km from A Luoi on the Ho Chi Minh road so the scenic drive continues here bt there is a lot more traffic on the Vietnamese side. The climate also seems to suddenly change once you cross the border.

While I was hoping to avoid rain on this trip, it wasn't fully possible but at least the rain didn't last too long and I had great sunshine for the drive from Hue to Da Nang.

The Laos trip was again fun and provided some challenging road conditions so it's definitely a good place for a road trip.

My bike had some problems when I started the road trip and needs to get fixed but despite that it did a great job even under difficult conditions and getting back was no problem. The only real issue I had were the two flat tires but this is something that can always (and seems to always) happen.

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