Sunday, 3 September 2017

Thakek to Savannakhet

After the long drive yesterday, I didn't want to drive too much today. The closest destination was Savannakhet.

I didn't think much of Savannekhet when I went there 4 years ago but figured it's worth another look to see if and how much it changed.

Instead of taking the main road, we drive on the smaller road right next to the Mekong for the nicer views.

It was definitely worth it and not only more scenic but also more relaxed to drive there.

Aside from a small section which ended up a bit bumpy and muddy thanks to some puddles the road was in good condition.

Savannakhet hasn't changed all that much but seems a bit less run down than it did 4 years ago and they seem to have got the stray dogs problem in check.

While it's still not my favorite city in Laos, Savannakhet is at least ok to spend a night in or go to the consulate here instead of Paksen or Vientianne.

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