Tuesday, 3 November 2009

Under Che

GRD 3, f2.5, 1/189, ISO 100, JPG

Most pictures you see from Cuba are of colorful buildings, nice cars and smiling people smoking cigars on the beach or in a park. This was what I expected when going to Cuba but the reality is different.
People are poor, the cars and buildings are falling apart and while people do smoke cigars it is not something you see all the time. The smiling people from pictures are indeed smiling because they work for the tourism board.

Cuba is a great country with great people but it suffers from Communism as other countries before it but mostly from the US embargo.

Due to the very slow internet connection and limited time to post I will add my text later and only post the pictures in the coming days.
For more pictures look on my Dropbox Gallery.


  1. Excellent picture and perspective Cristi. Looking forward to the rest of the images.

  2. Thanks for your comment James!