Monday, 30 November 2009

End of the Line

GRD III, f2.8, 2 sec., ISO 200, RAW

Got back to London this morning and back to the rain here. It did stop raining in the afternoon and evening though so I could take a few pictures on my way back.
Since I had the GRD III with me, I decided to use it for some long exposures, these work much better now and are a lot more usable than the smudgy results one gets from the GRD I.
I used a strong sepia photo filter in Photoshop for the image as I did for the one yesterday to give it an older look. I also wanted to have some noise and shot the picture at ISO 200 but added more noise in Photoshop since I felt the ISO 200 noise was not enough.


  1. Very nice shot I love the tone you have used.

  2. Thanks for your comment Rob!
    I was not sure with the tone at first but am glad that it does work well for this picture.