Monday, 8 February 2010


It has been a beautiful day, the weather was cold but clear and the light simply great for taking pictures. New York is a fantastic location on these days due to the many glass buildings that reflect the light but also because people are a more relaxed with regards to photography.

After the last weeks or so when I was not really overly inspired, I knew exactly what I wanted and it has been one of my best and most productive days in New York.

The series I posted all happened on one street corner where the light was fantastic and the reflection in the mirror showed quite a contrast to the real world. I found it interesting how sometimes peoples expressions can change and seem different when seen in a mirror, almost as it's a different person.

You can see more of this series and other pictures in my Dropbox gallery.


  1. A superb series, Cristian. You have made excellent of use of a highly photogenic location. I think these must number among the best street shots you have taken.

    Keep them coming.

  2. Thank you for your comment Calvin!
    Glad you like this series, I am actually quite proud of it and consider it my best work so far in NYC. You should look in the Dropbox gallery for some more shots from this location that did not make it here.

  3. Cristian,

    Will you be elaborating with a review of the camera following your extensive use of it? It looks like you have adjusted to any focusing issues it may have in its current release.

  4. Bruce, I was about to start a review on it before my New York trip happened. At the same time Ricoh announced that they will send me the S10 module.

    So, a review will come and I hope to make it quite extensive.

    While the focus issues are still very frustrating, I have found ways around them.

  5. Great I look forward to your review!