Thursday, 25 February 2010


GXR S10, f2.7, 1/73, ISO 800, JPG, 28mm

I wanted to write less about technical stuff on my blog but need to say this.

The JPG engine of the S10 module is so bad that everything looks like an oil painting at ISO 800 and over. I still can't believe how Ricoh managed to get from the fantastic JPG engine in the GRD I, which to me and many is still the best JPG engine in a small sensor camera, to this mess in only a few years.
Bottom line is all current Ricoh cameras are RAW cameras only, the JPG engine is a mess and rates as one of the worst I have seen.

I surely hope Ricoh comes to their senses and stops smearing the JPGs with their overly agressive NR. I simply don't want to process RAW files to get a usable picture out of my camera.


  1. I wonder if it is a change of technical staff? The same thing happened at Fuji - instead of building on the F31fd it went astray.

  2. that's one reason why I bought the Pen EP1 : bigger but good jpegs, no pp necessary

  3. Amazing that you can see the effects of JPEG compression even in this web-resized shot.

    I went from a GRD I to an E-P1. The E-P1 has adjustable noise filter, including an option for no noise reduction at all. I leave it on low, as at 'off' there is distracting white sprinkle in high ISO shots (otherwise very good.)

  4. Yesbuts, I don't know the reason but know that the GRD I has much better high ISO quality than the Fuji cameras.

    I have heard great things about the EP1 JPGs, I need to try and take some test shots with one.

  5. Cristian, I'm really enjoying your New York photographs. Your street photos like this one are an inspiration for me to go out and try my hand at it as well.

    As to S10's JPEGs, that is indeed disappointing. You would think that overzealous noise reduction is better suited to consumer cameras, and not one like the GXR which is aimed at the enthusiast market.

    I'm quite happy with the out-of-camera JPEGs from the GF1, especially when using the dynamic B&W mode with NR set to its lowest setting.

  6. Thanks for your comment Björn!
    I am glad to hear my people and street photographs inspire you. You should try it, Amsterdam is a good place for this and I am looking forward to see your pictures.

    I don't understand at all what Ricoh is doing with their JPGs and would say they lost it and would be better off just disabling them altogether.

    I am planning to get a GF1 as soon as I am back in the UK so can't wait to try it out. Having had the chance to try your GF1 while in Amsterdam confirned how good the camera really is.