Sunday, 4 July 2010

Groombridge Park Series

Since the Wordpress theme does not allow me to post more than one picture and also has advertising whenever I write something I thought I use this blog to post the latest series from groombridge Park. Also all pictures are taken with the GRD I so it makes sense to post them here.

The weather has been fantastiv for the last weeks so I decided again to go somewhere out of London for a daytrip. Going to Tunbridge Wells and taking a steam train to see Groombridge Park sounded like a great idea.

I have posted an almost random selection of pictures that hopefully give an indication of the trip. I took quite a lot so had to cut down quite a bit to reach even the ten I selected.


  1. A very nice series. It's refreshing to see what the GRD can produce in the hands of a skilled photographer.

  2. A lovely series. Glad to see you back with a proper camera. :-)

    Pic #3 with its symmetrical composition and the last one, with its wonderful textures, are my favourites.

  3. Great pictures and great to see you back again on this blog with your GR D :-) .... to be honest - I do not really like your wordpress blog, because of the layout ... this one here is much better for me and also for the type of photographer you are :-) :-) :-)

    candid photographer

  4. Thanks for your comment and feedback about the blogs!

    I will probably move everything back here since the advertising on Wordpress is realy annoying.
    Will have to see how I have time to import all posts back here but I might take a break from posting to make time for it.