Tuesday, 6 July 2010

Pinhole GF1

GF1, 1/20, ISO 3200, JPG

One of the main reasons for buying the GF1 was to use it as a pinhole camera. Now you might ask why would I spend so much money for a advanced camera and use it for pinhole photography if I can just take a box and a roll of film and it would be much cheaper.
Well, I don’t like film and find it too much hassle. Besides, the GF1 offers many advantages which film can not offer, like live view for example.

The picture posted here was one of the first sample pictures I took with the alpha version of my pinhole ‘lens’, some tinfoil over the C-mount adapter I had here. This was for testing purposes only to see how big the hole had to be and check a few things about the distance.
I have now made a beta version and will take it for a spin tomorrow.

I have said it many times but the ability to play around with old lenses or pinhole photography is exactly why I think the m4/3 format and especially the GF1 are so good and currently the best camera around. I surely hope Ricoh releases something similar soon, best thing would be a m4/3 sensor module for their GXR.

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