Thursday, 13 January 2011

A Good Book and a Pint

GF1, f0.95, 1/80, ISO 640, JPG b&w, 50mm (Voigtländer Nokton f0.95 25mm)

I only had the Nokton for a week and did not even have that much time to go out and take pictures with it but I can't see myself going back to the 20mm Panasonic lens after using it.
The character of the Nokton is just so much better than the 20mm lens that it makes a huge difference for me. I guess it shows where optical quality comes in to play instead of just fixing stuff in software. The pictures are just not the same, no mater how much Panasonic and Olymous try to fix in software, it's not the sharpness nor the technical quality, it's the character that suffers and pictures look technically perfect but flat and boring with software corrected lenses.


  1. What a great idea. Unfortunately, the bars here are too loud to do the same (even during the day there is loud music or sports on a TV 'too fill the space').

    Won't all lens designed for a m4/3 camera be software corrected?


  2. Most pubs here don't really allow for this either but there are some nice quiet local pubs with a much nicer atmosphere. This was a good find.

    The Nokton does not have any electronic contacts so the camera treats it as any legacy lens and won't correct anything. This is why there is quite alot of fringing when shooting at f0.95 during the day or at high contrast edges.

    It also depends on the lens, the 7-14mm doesnot need a lot of correction and neither does the Leica 45mm macro lens but this is reflected in the price for these lenses.

  3. Perfectly composed photograph.

  4. Tanks for your comment Yesbuts!

    I wanted to include the glass divider in the picture and use it to frame it.

  5. Excellent composition to create a marvellous atmospheric shot.

    I had to smile about your comment on a previous post in regard to focusing the Nokton.

    As you know, I shoot with a Carl Zeiss lens on a Canon 40D and focusing can be problematic at times. But when I get it right, it more than compensates for the frustration I experience.

    So welcome to my world. :-)

  6. Thanks for your comment Calvin!

    You're right about using MF lenses, not always easy to use but more than worth the effort.