Sunday, 9 January 2011

Street Photography at f0.95

Having a new lens is always great, each lens has it's own character and feel to it so it's almost like getting a new camera with each lens puchase.
The weather was great today and I decided to go for a walk around Greenwich to take some pictures and see how an f0.95 lens peforms wide open for street photography. I really like the feel of the lens and the smooth manual focus but struggle with the limited movement from 2m to infinity, especially when guessing the distance and not looking at the screen like in the last 3 pictures in this series.

I have decided to post a small series just to show what can be done on a first outing with this lens, aside from the first 2 pictures all were taken and focused from the hip without using the LCD screen but the last one has been heavily cropped.


  1. Thanks for your comment Laurent!
    I am very pleased with the Nokton and it was fun to try it wide open for street photography.