Saturday, 26 March 2011

Cut Protest

When I decided to go into town it was with the intention to have a coffee and work on my GXR A12 28mm review. It was not to take pictures of a protest or I would not have carried my notebook around and would have planned the day different. Overall I did not spend too mcuh time taking pictures and it was more while coming across it on my way to get coffee, the restaurant and then finally on my way back to the train.

The protest started in the usual calm way with people marching and waving their banners. This is till the usual yobs and troublemakers came and started smashing windows in and setting fires to bins. I would say if the police would arrest everyone from the start who wears a hoodie and covers their mouth there would be no trouble. There should be no need for anyone to cover their face in public and if someone does they should be arrested because they have something to hide.

I decided to post yet another series, this time a slightly bigger one to show the day and night cycles of the protest as I have seen it.


  1. Excellent series, for a day not intended for documentary work you have done well indeed. I especially like the last two....


  2. Scary. Unfortunately, the troublemakers look at these marches as opportunities.

    We have the same here in Canada. :(

  3. Thanks for your comments!

    Peter, I tried to get the best out of the limited time I spent taking pictures all while looking after my notebook and myself not to get tangled up in this too much.

    It is a shame that there are always a few troublemakers who have to give a bad impression to any demonstration but at least it made for some interesting pictures.

  4. Like Peter said, the last few images were great documentary work. You captured them quite well.

  5. Thanks for your comment Richard!

    I guess you can see both the mood of the demonstrators but also how inspired I have been in taking the pictures (from not much in the beginning to very inspired in the end).